Pure and Good Every Ear Wash 10 oz

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Pure and Good Every Ear Wash 10 oz

Lavender + Chamomile Hydrosols

Our Ear Washes are chemical free formulas that can be used to comfort a variety of ear conditions. This blend of oils exhibits anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It aids in the removal of moisture, wax, and dirt build up that can cause odor and lead to itching and infections. Our solution is unique in that the which hazel (a natural astringent) helps to dry away the moisture yet the coconut oil and aloe provide emollients that soothe the skin. It is gentle enough for daily use.


+ Excellent at calming dogs that are fearful, anxious and hyperactive. 

+ Provides light relief and healing when applied to dry and itchy skin.

+ Helpful for repelling ticks and fleas.

+ It's natural fragrance is an effective and pleasant way to control pet odor.

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